fitness2me chevonneIn 2015, Legal and General very generously funded a project delivered by ukactive in partnership with NCT (the UK’s largest charity for parents) that aimed to support new mums in leading healthier, more active lifestyles. Let’s Get Moving 1-2-1 appointments and group sessions were offered to mums with children under the age of two, with the Exercise Professional offering specialised advice on getting active after pregnancy, how to make time for activity as a mum, and ways of getting active with young children.

It has been found that on average, parents tend to be less physically active than people without children. This doesn’t come as a surprise; babies and young children can take up a lot of energy and time, after all! But after taking the first few steps to leading more active lifestyles, the benefits of leading an active motherhood can far outweigh the reasons behind staying inactive. Exercise can lead to increased energy levels, increased fitness, better wellbeing, and the opportunity for ‘me time’ that can be much needed as a parent!

Over 100 mums took part in Let’s Get Moving in North Bedfordshire. An amazing 73% of these mums had increased their physical activity by the end of the programme. An increase was seen across all intensities of physical activity: i.e. walking, moderate activity (e.g. yoga, swimming) and vigorous activity (e.g. running, gym). The mums were then followed up 6 months after taking part, and 62% of participants showed an increase in physical activity, which meant that the majority of mums had not only got more active, but had also kept it going in the long-term!

The positive outcomes that the mothers experienced were far more than just an increase in activity levels. We received some fantastic testimonials from many mums that took part. Here’s what some of the mums had to say about Let’s Get Moving:

“I’ve achieved far more than I thought I would. Even though I set my goals at the first meeting, I didn’t think I would be at the place I am now.”

“I suffer from depression, and when I’m feeling down I’ll go out for a walk. It helps my mood.”

“I feel like I have my identity back!”

“I regularly meet up with some of the other Let’s Get Moving mums and we do a walk before going for coffee together. I live on the outskirts of the county and didn’t know anyone in the area before joining Let’s Get Moving, so making friends with other mums has been a real bonus.”

“I wanted to get more active with the kids – we now get out more and my daughter sleeps better at night. I feel more confidence and I have more energy.”

We are absolutely delighted that Let’s Get Moving has helped almost three-quarters of mums to lead more active lifestyles. We’d like to thank Legal and General for funding the project, and NCT for their partnership and insight.