Angela at her allotment on a sunny day.

What was your motivation for joining Let’s Get Moving?

I wanted to get more fit! At first I thought I couldn’t do any exercise because I’d broken my ankle and had been diagnosed with arthritis. But I decided not to let all that get me down; I felt determined to build muscle and increase my strength.

What did you enjoy most about Let’s Get Moving, or find the most helpful?

I found the group sessions the most helpful. I’ve met others facing similar challenges as me, which I’ve found very encouraging.

Has there been an increase in your physical activity, and if so in what way?

Definitely! After seeing Angela (LGM Exercise Professional) I started going to a number of gym classes. I even went back to an aerobics class that I’d found too difficult before. It was hard going when I returned; I got out of breath and ached afterwards. But I’ve learnt that that’s all to be expected, and I’m proud to say that I’ve kept at it! I’ve also returned to ballet…I find the lovely music so motivating. I feel more prepared to try different things. It’s the best way to find what you really enjoy. I’ve also made smaller changes since joining LGM, like parking further away from places and going out for longer walks with the dog – even if he isn’t the fastest!

Has your wider family benefitted, and if so how?

My family have been very supportive of me taking part in LGM and getting more active. My grandchildren have often said “good for you, Nanny”!

Have there been any additional positive outcomes, e.g. self-esteem, energy, health improvements, etc?

My energy has increased, which has allowed me to cope with tough situations I’ve faced recently. I’ve also lost some weight; personally, I find that when I feel good I’m more motivated to eat well…you don’t want to put bad things in your body when you know you’ve worked hard.

How did the Community Exercise Professional help to achieve the changes made?

Knowing Angela was always there for me was so helpful. I knew I could get in touch with her if I was struggling. Having someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and gives you practical advice is rare, so for this I’m really grateful.

Anything else you’d like to add?

LGM has made me look at exercise in a different way. I had a resistance to sports in school because I never got picked for teams and I was made to believe that I wasn’t any good at them. But LGM has reversed that!