What was your motivation for joining Let’s Get Moving?Feet walking

I got a letter with some information about Let’s Get Moving and I thought to myself, ‘well this sounds like a good idea!’. For me, there was nothing to lose by trying it. I felt it would be easy enough to go in for a chat to see if there was anything I could be doing and to get some professional advice on activity.

What did you enjoy most about Let’s Get Moving, or find the most helpful?

 I thought it was really good talking to Charlie (LGM Community Exercise Professional), as she was very helpful. She wasn’t pushy at all, but at the same time she got me thinking about how I could do a bit more activity and try new things to mix up the exercise.

Has there been an increase in your physical activity, and if so in what way?

Charlie asked me to try a few different things which I’ve taken on board and kept up with. She recommended that I try walking and a bit of running, so I listened to her advice and took it seriously. I now consciously walk once a week and run for part of the way back. Sometimes this is purely because I want to get home quicker! I can feel that I’ve got fitter from doing this, and I’m more mindful of my weight now too.

Have there been any additional positive outcomes, e.g. self-esteem, energy, health improvements, etc?

Yes – I always feel like I have energy now and that I actually want to exercise. Badminton is like my religion; the other players and I have so much fun. When I come out of a session, I now feel like I can keep playing for longer. I’m the oldest one there, but my improved fitness means that I don’t feel worn out after the exercise and I feel ready to take on more! Through playing badminton, I have made friends. I also make sure I heed Charlie’s advice and push myself on the walking and running, because I know now that it will do me good and help with my cholesterol levels.

How did the Community Exercise Professional help to achieve the changes made?

Charlie did really well; she listened to me and motivated me to consider other forms of exercise which I wouldn’t have done without her. I’ve also used the activity diary that Charlie gave me to write down exactly what exercise I’ve done. Writing everything down really motivates me to stay on track. If I see that I’ve done a little less one week, I try and catch up before the end of the week. Even if it’s a different form of exercise than what I’d usually do that day, I try to fit in what I can to make up for it.  Something is better than nothing! Personally, I think every GP surgery should have someone like Charlie. It would give people the chance to talk about their exercise levels and get the advice and encouragement they need to get moving and get healthy!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say that I was impressed with LGM. I think everyone could benefit from seeing a Let’s Get Moving Exercise Professional!