The Oaklands group, just before festive breakfast.

You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned the Oaklands group quite a lot recently; recent Movers of the Month, Alf and Steve, are part of the Oaklands group and have found great friends in one another and other members of the group. In fact, it’s such a close-knit group that the members regularly meet up outside of the sessions for a cuppa, a chat, or to get active – whether it’s at the gym, for walks, or at the ‘Get into golf’ taster sessions. They say there’s strength in numbers, and certainly what the Oaklands group has proved is that getting active doesn’t have to be hard – and can even be fun – when doing it with friends.

So back in the London office, we thought to ourselves: “what’s the best way to celebrate friendship?” In our minds, the immediate answer to that was: “a party, of course!” We wanted to give every member of the Oaklands group an opportunity to celebrate their successes as a group and as individuals who’ve achieved great things by making significant changes to their lifestyles.


Let the lemon-jousting commence!

New Let’s Get Moving Coordinator Louisa Lopez took all the Christmas party-planning into her very capable hands. The end result was a fun-filled morning that involved lots of laughs, lots of Christmas jumpers, and lots of lemons (we can explain later)!

There was a great turn-out, with all the group regulars in attendance. Louisa decked the hall in lots of tinsel and got together a scrumptious breakfast spread which wasn’t without Christmas crackers. The crackers naturally led to some paper hat-wearing and lots of fantastically awful joke-telling, but Louisa made a ‘cracking’ diversion from the bad jokes with a quiz. Winners from the quiz were awarded their prizes, and then it was time for the ultimate challenge: a game called ‘Lemon-jousting’.



Lemon-jousting is essentially an egg and spoon race with weapons of defence. It’s not quite as dangerous as it sounds; the aim of the game is to defend the lemon on your wooden spoon whilst wielding a spatula to knock off the lemons of your opponents. As strange as it sounds, it’s a very fun game and it definitely gets everyone moving! The winner – the last one standing with a lemon on a wooden spoon – got a prize. Everyone else? They got a free wooden spoon and a spatula.

Overall, the Oaklands party was a huge success. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get together and reflect on the year gone by, celebrate how far everyone’s come, and chat about what lays ahead in 2017.

A huge thank you to all those who attended the Oaklands Christmas party. Also, thank you to Victoria, who delivers all the group sessions and has helped to form an incredibly solid group of friends. Finally, thank you to Let’s Get Moving Coordinator Louisa Lopez for making the Oaklands Christmas party possible!