What was your motivation for joining Let’s Get Moving?

Well, for me, it actually started several years ago when I became unemployed. Before that I’d had quite an active job so I’d always been active by trade. Because of this change I became quite ill and lethargic. I then got a new job but had trouble keeping up with it, I just couldn’t keep my breath. As a result, I went to the doctors, and found out I had COPD. All this has taught me about the need, as you get older, for exercise; if you get sufficient exercise you actually feel ok and if you don’t get enough your joints ache and you feel awful. So when I retired in April last year I decided I needed to do something, so I’d make it a routine to walk every day. Since then I’ve been looking for ways to get more active. When I saw this thing about Let’s Get Moving I decided I wanted to learn more.

What did you enjoy most about Let’s Get Moving?

In many ways the company, it’s like being in a group of people who all want the same thing, it’s important to be part of a group! I’ve also noticed it’s very good for the more elderly people as there’s no pressure and the exercises are very simple. I believe Let’s Get Moving is a very important thing because you can see its really helping the people in the sessions and it’s important to have access to something like this in the community.

Has there been an increase in your physical activity?

Without a shadow of a doubt absolutely. I live in a flat on the first floor and before Christmas I could hardly walk up the stairs without getting puffed, but now it’s a lot easier and I can actually get my breath back. I’ve recently joined the Clacton leisure centre, as I used to really enjoy swimming I thought it would be great to start again. Now I’m swimming 2-3 times a week and on top of that I’ve joined the lifestyle suite, so I alternate between the gym and swimming. There’s also a walking group I’ve been thinking of joining!

Have there been any additional positive outcomes, e.g. self-esteem, energy etc?

I think for a lot of people, the information is very important and good for you to know, especially the nutritional side of things. Some of the topics discussed are really useful and beneficial. But ultimately it’s about getting the inspiration to get off your backside and go and do it. Which is why this group has been incredibly helpful as it has spurred me on. Oh and I’ve stopped smoking again!

How did the Community Exercise Professional help to achieve the changes made? 

Jackie is a great teacher, very patient. She’s very motivated herself and that rubs off on the people she’s taking to. Jackie and Let’s Get Moving have shown me that if I want to live on, this is what I’ve got to do; exercise, exercise, exercise!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Only that it should be permanent!