Angela, LGM Exercise Professional in Colchester, Essex.

National Fitness Day (NFD) 2017 was everything we could’ve hoped for; it was fun, inclusive, and of course, very active! The day was kicked off by an early morning mass workout led by Strictly Come Dancing judge and ballerina Darcey Bussell, which saw hundreds of people take part and millions of people watch from their homes – with BBC and Sky News airing live from the event. Throughout the day, hundreds of children took part in activities run by Everyone Active, thousands of schools across the country got involved in the ’10 at 10′ challenge (10-minute workouts at 10am), while gyms and leisure centres across the UK opened their doors to offer tens of thousands of free classes or membership deals to encourage anyone and everyone to get active.

Andy, LGM Exercise Professional in Jaywick, Essex.

The true spirit of NFD can be captured in one word: celebration. It’s a celebration of the myriad diverse and unique reasons for why staying active and keeping fit is important to every person. Reasons for keeping fit can be anything from being Marathon-ready to being ready to keep up with the grandkids – they’re all personal, and all highlight the one thing that unites us all: keeping fit enables us to do and feel the things we want to in our lives. This is why the #Fitness2Me campaign has been such a great success – it prompts you to think of your own reasons for being active and to reflect on what fitness may mean to you personally.

LGM wanted to be a part of these celebrations, so we got our very own Exercise Professionals to get in on the #Fitness2Me action!

Jackie, LGM Exercise Professional in Clacton-on-sea, Essex.

Fitness to Angela means “total body confidence”.

To Andy, fitness means “staying healthy and enjoying quality time with my family”.

And for Jackie, fitness means “feeling good, feeling healthy, feeling calm”.

It just goes to show that while the promotion of physical activity is something they do for a living, the Exercise Professionals’ passion for fitness goes far beyond that. Their reasons for keeping activity in their lives are very personal and unique to them.

So why not have a think: what does fitness mean to you? Your reasons behind keeping fit are what you can come back to time and time again if you ever feel you’re lacking motivation or you’ve hit a bump in the road.

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