3 years ago I began working on the Let’s Get Moving project. My journey started in Harlow went on to Hockley and has finished in Clacton. And although 3 years sounds a long time it feels as though we have only just started. I have met some amazing people over the last 3 years. The staff at all of the surgeries have been supportive, kind and fun. But it is you who have been the most fun and the most rewarding to work with. I have been a witness to the changes you have made and the activities you have started.

People who have faced numerous challenges; personally, physically, mentally, or socially. People who have embraced the idea to keep moving and taken up the willingness to change. Understanding small steps can make a big difference.

I have led two groups, which speaking honestly I was a little shy about, but I can now stand back and say they have been so much fun. Sport and fitness has given me so much more than just exercise. The martial arts group I belong to has given me friends that I call family and a real sense of community. And over the past year I have seen that same thing begin and grow at the group in Clacton. I have watched a group of strangers become more confident and relaxed with each other, share experiences and enthusiastically try whatever I throw at them. I have also been fortunate enough to meet other exercise professionals in the local community offering great activities and willing to come along and talk about or even show us what they do. From walking netball to seated yoga, tai chi and strength training it’s been wonderful seeing the group embrace trying something new.

But what has been best about Let’s Get Moving has been meeting you at the second or third appointment. Seeing so many of you feeling more motivated, confident, happier and proud of what you are achieving. And I’m not talking marathons. The great thing about Let’s Get Moving  is it focuses on you and your goals whether that’s being active at home, walking 5 steps, walking 45 minutes, stretching, dancing, losing weight, managing pain, ditching the car, swimming or simply not feeling breathless whilst walking – no achievement is too small!

We all have a story, life has surprises, twists and turns but if we can keep moving and keep our body’s working then those twists and turns needn’t feel like a marathon.