Jackie feeling triumphant walking Hadrian’s Wall

For me walking is one of the most underestimated exercises there is.

These days we are always looking for the next exercise or piece of equipment that will provide us with a quick and easy way to stay fit and lose weight. Walking is free, flexible, and varied.

It wasn’t all that long ago when instead of texting a friend we used to have to walk over to their house to see if they could come out to play, my mum would send me to the local shop for 5lbs of potato’s and we would walk to school. Now in the age of tech and the long commute, walking has been squeezed out of our daily routine without us even realising it.

Simply walking 10 minutes a day, without stopping, can help you:

  • stay mobile
  • keep bones strong
  • keep good heart health
  • improve brain function
  • reduce stress

Personally, I love how walking makes me feel. Everything that I’m worrying about, things I’m overthinking, I just walk them away. If I haven’t managed a walk each day I mentally and physically miss it. And why stop at 10 minutes. My personal goal is at least 40 minutes a day. But then where do you walk. For me it depends where I am. If it’s a busy built up place then I tend to attach my walk to a task like buying some milk or food for my packed lunch.

The UK has some of the most breathtaking scenery as shown in ITV’s 100 best walks, which showcases walks for every level and every distance, hopefully with a cup of tea in the middle or at the end. A few years ago I walked Hadrian’s wall with a friend. 84 miles from one side of England to the other. All I thought about for those 7 days was; when do I eat, where’s the B and B, thank god for Sherpa’s, I wish she’d slow down and be careful of the cows.

It was the most mentally relaxing holiday I’ve had. The views, the quietness, the calming effect and the total feeling of triumph and exhilaration when you complete a walk like that…well pictures say more than words.